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By Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma
Dr. Anjali Sharma


Care India Foundation is the organization jointly formed by Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma and Ms Anjali Sharma. It has its office at T 12, Green Park Extension, New Delhi 110016.

Care India Foundation is the path breaking program which pledges to uplift the quality of life of the People of India and around the world. It is strategically designed to work at different levels.

  • Physical Care
    To improve the quality of health and to help people obtain positive state of health to facilitate better life & higher purpose of living.
  • Mental Care
    To help people improve mental state & functioning. To fight against psychological disorders & diseases.
  • Family Care
    To propagate healthy & happy family concept. To safeguard marriage and family system for a better society.
  • Community Care
    To improve community awareness, integration and coordination.
  • National Care
    To generate pride with national identity and to promote national unity and harmony.
  • World Care
    To promote international peace and integration. To promote positive and environment friendly living.


  • Association
    To unite competent professionals in various fields in order to improve coordination and functioning skills.
  • Recognition
    To recognize and award prominent people working in different spheres of life. To recognize and award distinguished people as ‘Pride of India’ who are working towards growth, development and betterment of India.
  • Service Care
    Holistic Health Services for physical and mental health.
  • Product Care
    Safe and natural holistic healthcare products. See ‘ The Vital Cure’.
  • Education Care
    As part of our mission we undertake education & training of doctors and healthcare professionals. We teach certificate courses by e – learning mode in various holistic health therapies. See ‘Online / Distance Courses’.

Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma and Dr. Anjali Sharma founded 'Care India Foundation' with a mission of 'Holistic Wellness & Development of Human Beings'' which is complete health and happiness of Body Mind and Soul. Their vision is - All Human Beings must have a meaningful life and must be able to realize best of their potential

We, the people of world, are one big family and the world is our home. We are one. This is our own place and it is our collective responsibility to make it a suitable place for its members for living and to see that all the members of this family are cared and getting due opportunities. So we have named the world as ' The Universal Family'. This Universal Family is the ongoing process of development towards a world that is free from all darkness, suffering and that would be full of love, opportunities, growth and happiness.

We value every Human Being and we feel that every Human Being has a right to live in peace with good health, dignity, self reliance and availability of opportunities to learn & grow.

The Mission
CIF has a mission of an -


  • Educated signifies not only formal education but the complete awareness and knowledge about the self, the world, the problems, the opportunities and the ways of dealing with both which include formal education, skill training and development of complete beings with values and culture.
  • Healthy signifies holistic health of body mind and soul. This relates to positive health of individuals and community including the health of the environment.
  • Integrated signifies the unity of the world in its diversity. The oneness of people in spite of differences. There is no need of any conflict, sharing is a better solution.
  • Prosperous signifies the availability of required resources at right time in right quantity including freedom from undue dependence.
  • Developed signifies the state and quality of living including basic infrastructure and necessities of life.

Facts about CIF

  • CIF works in association with following organizations :
    • Association for Human Development
    • Body and Mind Welfare Trust
    • The Universal Family
  • These organizations are registered, non government, non political, non profit, secular community based public welfare organization having no discrimination of caste, color or creed.
  • CIF is based on the principal of synergistic coordinated action. It helps organizations and institutions to interact and cooperate in their work of social development thereby making them more efficient and effective. This is achieved through interlinked complimentary activities and sharing of information. The objective is better work with minimum resources.
  • CIF encourages sustained development rather than charity. Although the immediate needs and pains of the people are looked after but the stress is on systematic and sustained development towards self reliance.
  • CIF works on the strategic triangle of human life
                               Family                                   community  

     It is believed that all three aspects affect other two and it is important to have    a     balanced growth of the human life triangle for a developed society.

  • CIF has a soul in its values which lay the foundation for plan of action. The vision of future world with a feeling of oneness, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, dignity of human life, integrity, perseverance drives CIF.
  • The approach followed at CIF is one of community participation. To make any significant change it is necessary to reach out to people, motivate them through awareness and help create conditions to facilitate change for better.
  • CIF always look forward for association with other organizations, institutions, associations, corporate houses, government for issue based project oriented activities. The purpose and the transparency are the two key factors in any CIF association.


  • To help, provide the services to create the world that is free of all kind of suffering, darkness, sickness, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, hatred, injustice and all such maladies and disorders, which affects the world.
  • To work towards a world that is full of love, happiness, harmony, peace, order, growth, wisdom, Knowledge, prosperity, health, cultural value/s, opportunity/s and such other qualities which makes the world a better place
  • To stimulate people to progress on the path of self-realization and self-actualization and to help  people to develop holistic personality with all round development
  • To unleash the era of true, natural, positive, holistic, health. The holistic health which includes spiritual, philosophic, psychoemotional, physical, educational, vocational, avocational, social and other aspect of mankind. The individuals with such holistic health will form healthy families, healthy societies, healthy nations and healthy world at large. People will be stimulated to take care of own’s life development through increased awareness, prevention, self-growth and co-operation.
  • To work towards providing quality health care to the people. To educate people about health awareness, prevention of sickness and all such other activities for the purpose of promotion of true state of health. To establish, run take over and/or maintain dispensary/s, clinic/s, hospital/s, medical center/s, medical college/s and any other health center for providing health education and treatment. To help needy, suffering, sick, and handicapped in recovery and rehabilitation. To work towards research, development and co-ordination between various systems of medicine for holistic integrated synergistic health.
  • To work towards development of education, literacy, knowledge and skills. To help people develop scientific attitude with rational thinking. To start run, establish, Construct, takeover and/or manage and/or maintain school/s, college/s, lab/s, library/s, institute/s, research center/s, university/s etc for providing meaningful quality education and developing skills through direct, distance and other modes of communication/s. To conduct research and help in development of science and technology. To provide all kinds of help including material, financial and other aid to needy, deserving candidates/students
  • To work towards elimination of poverty. To help People in becoming self sufficient and productive members of the society. To help raise avenues of employment and income.
  • To work towards development of community. To help people come close, interact, co-operate and understand each other. To establish, run; maintain place/s of community utility like community center/s, rest home/s, park/s, garden/s library/s. etc
  • To work towards development of fair and efficient social system. To help people in improving interpersonal relations thereby strengthening healthy family and social system. To stimulate people of different region, religion, race, language, sex, color, caste and creed to come close, understand each other, develop tolerance, trust, regard and harmony, live in co-operation and mutual growth. To work for social fairness and social justice, To work for elimination of social evils like crimes, dowry, corruption, sati pratha, bal vivah, drugs and alcoholism, gambling and betting, terrorism, child abuse and labour, immoral and deviant behaviour, sexual abuse, casteism, riots, untouchability and other social evils. To help people living single and alone by developing sufficient support system.
  • To work towards care and development of children as future of the world. To take care of their basic needs (Especially health and education) and provides opportunities for holistic development. To prevent their abuse in any form whatsoever. To work towards rehabilitation of orphans and street children.
  • To work towards helping women realize their potential. To help prevent exploitation at home, work place and society at large.
  • To works towards helping youths in understanding needs, realizing potential, resolving conflicts, developing holistic personalities. To facilitate communication and understanding between different  generations
  • To work towards care of elderly. To help them remain self-sufficient and continue to play active role. To work towards maintaining there positions and respect in families and society. To take care of their medical, security and other needs. To establish and run old home/s for those who are  alone and/or neglected from their families because of any reason
  • To work towards development and integration of people living in a far remote and underdeveloped area/s, village/s, tribe/s etc.
  • To work towards development of people friendly civic system. To stimulate people about their role and enhanced co-operation. To create awareness and high standards of development and harmonious use of resources and infrastructure, cleanliness, hygiene, lighting  and preventing pollution’s, proper waste disposal obeying laws, rules and regulation/s, honoring rights and duties becoming politically educated
  • To work towards development of nature and environment. To create awareness about nature and its preservation. To develop a healthy human nature coordination. To work towards development of ecological system, prevent abuse of nature and prevent cruelty against animal/s, bird/s and other living beings. To stimulate optimal and harmonious use of natural resources, recycling etc.
  • To work towards a world that rich in culture, values, morals, ideas etc. To work towards conserving history, its remains, its teachings, its goodness. To work towards development of science, art, craft, literature, music, games and sports and other means of expression.
  • To go to and take help of authorities and law, court in cases which so require for the purpose of benefit of general public.
  • To co-ordinate affiliate or assist, financially and/or otherwise with individual/s, association/s, society/s, institution/s, organization/s etc for promotion of health, education, science, art, music, literature, culture, social or civic system and other such things towards betterment of world at large.-  To do all other act/s, deed/s, thing/s as may be conducive to the attainment and furtherance of any and/or all of the above object/s and/or purpose/s for the benefit of people and the world at large. All these act/s, deed/s etc will be done without any bias, preferences or discrimination for any region, religion, age, sex, language, caste, color and/or creed. The only and only purpose of all activities will be to help people live better life and make this world a better place

Contact Us
Care India Foundation
T 12, GreenPark Extension
New Delhi 110016, INDIA.
Phone - +91-11-26164016 / 65428666
Email -
Website -

As a member of this large world family you can play a crucial role. You can choose one of the following manners or can suggest some other through which you would like to make this world a better place.

  • Bring a change within yourself. Feel yourself as a part of the family. Feel one with the people. Love yourself and everybody. A small gesture can be a seed which can generate into the tree of love and happiness.
  • Support the ideology. Spread this message of love and oneness.
  • Send your views, suggestions, inspirational articles / poems etc.
  • Write about people who are doing any work even though it may be very small but  which contributes to the betterment of world and people’s life.
  • Be a volunteer and participate in the activities of TUF or other welfare organizations. Quantity doesn’t matter quality does.
  • Share your talents, skills and let people benefit from what you know.
  • Sponsor a project ( or a part of it ). For example you may sponsor education project of a group of street children or sponsor a single child’s one year education.
  • You can give financial assistance by donating money. The mode could be cash / cheque / demand draft / money order / credit (debit) card / online card payment.
  • Donate machines / equipment / any other article or thing. This could range from a small toy to medical equipment or ambulance.

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